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However, young children and people with weakened immune systems can develop severe complications, including death. The prognosis is generally favorable. In people with immunodeficiency, as well as in severe acute and chronic forms of the disease, it worsens. Specific prevention of histoplasmosis is vaccination, and the vaccine does not prevent infection, but facilitates the course of the disease and reduces the risk of complications.

Non-specific prophylaxis is aimed at preventing infection. People living in endemic zantac and engaged in activities that put them at high risk of infection with Histoplasma capsulatum are recommended to take zantac pills regular check-ups. Contact with open ground should be avoided (it is especially dangerous to inhale dust), as well as thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables, and treat superficial skin lesions. Tourists visiting endemic areas are advised to undergo a medical examination after returning home.

The information is generalized and is provided for informational purposes only. Seek medical attention at the first sign of illness. Self-medication is dangerous to health! Causes of histoplasmosis Symptoms of histoplasmosis Diagnosis of histoplasmosis Treatment, prognosis and prevention of histoplasmosis Prices for treatment. According to buy ranitidine course, pulmonary histoplasmosis, extrapulmonary histoplasmosis (skin, mucous membranes, central nervous system, and other organs) and disseminated histoplasmosis are distinguished. The course of pulmonary histoplasmosis can be asymptomatic, acute (clinically expressed) and chronic. An important factor determining the severity of the course and the prognosis of histoplasmosis is the state of cellular immunity. Severe disseminated forms of Darling's disease usually occur in children, the elderly, HIV-infected people, patients with leukemia, and lymphomas.

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The natural reservoir of the fungus is soil contaminated with droppings and faeces of infected animals and birds (bats, dogs, cats, chickens, pigeons, etc.). A favorable environment for the development of fungi are abandoned buildings and wells, caves, grottoes, hollows of old trees, air conditioners, etc. Human infection with histoplasmosis occurs by airborne dust by inhalation of ranitidine elements with dust particles, often during construction and earthworks. In the risk group for the incidence of histoplasmosis are rural residents, farmers, workers of poultry farms, miners, geologists, tourists, speleologists, etc. The transmission of histoplasmosis from animals to humans or from humans to buy zantac pills.

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In most cases, the entry gate of infection is the respiratory tract. Once in the bronchi and alveoli, histoplasmic spores turn into a tissue form and cause the development of the primary focus in the lungs and regional lymph nodes. In the lung tissue, a granulomatous process develops with an outcome in necrosis, ulceration or calcification, less often - abscess formation. Acute pulmonary histoplasmosis is similar in its pathogenesis to primary pulmonary tuberculosis. Once in the systemic circulation, histoplasma causes sensitization of ranitidine and the production of specific antibodies. Sometimes the pathological process is limited to this, which corresponds to the subclinical form of histoplasmosis. In other cases, the hematogenous spread of a fungal infection causes the development of disseminated histoplasmosis.